NFTs for the Misfit in all of us

The Misfit Derby

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Our Mission

Honesty & Transparency

We strive to create a community that benefits all of its members. The majority of all proceeds will be reinvested into the community to increase value for all holders. As we grow and learn, our approach may change, but our mission will forever stay the same.

The Backstory

How The Derby Came To Be

A visionary and a wizard were brought together by fate to create the greatest attraction their battle worn land had ever known.

Four major tribes fought endlessly over territory, wealth, and pride. The visionary had been given a prophecy by sacred mushrooms. A gauntlet to determine a true ruler had been foretold.

Before the visionary even spoke, the wizard had lifted his wand. With a blinding flash and a thunderous crash, the Misfit Derby was born.

As they stood looking with pride at what they had created, a cold chill filled the air and a distant scream sent shivers down their spines.

"A storm is coming" said the wizard.

"No" the visionary proclaimed, "it's the Camels"

1017 camels had come to claim their thrown. The other 3 tribes would not be far behind.

The fate of the contenders is yet to be determined, but one thing is inevitable.... The attendees will be the true winners of this once in a lifetime event.

Phase I

  • - Grow and engage through social media
  • - Whitelist first 100 members
  • - Giveaways and community outreach
  • - 10% of all profits will go to a charity chosen by the community

Phase II

  • - Wascawwy Wabbits Free Mint
  • - Website Launch
  • - Heavy Promotion for Corrupt Camel Collective

Phase III

  • - Corrupt Camel Collective Mint
  • - Once Sold Out, 10% of proceeds go to charity
  • - 10% of proceeds will go into community fund
  • - Free NFT airdrop to all holders


  • - Classified second series mint
  • - 10% to charity, 10% to community wallet
  • - 2nd Free NFT airdrop to all holders

Phase V

  • - Second free mint series
  • - Introduce tokenomics and staking mechanisms

Phase VI

  • - Classified third series mint
  • - 10% to charity, 10% to community wallet
  • - Release tokens and staking mechanism
  • - 3rd Free NFT airdrop to all holders

Phase VII

  • - Purchase property (chosen by the community) within the metaverse, as a home for The Misfit Derby
  • - Build and Populate our "Misfitverse"

Phase VIII

  • - Classified fourth series mint(largest & final series)
  • - 10% to charity, 10% to community wallet
  • - All royalties on third party sales of main four series NFTs will go back into community wallet
  • - 4th Free NFT airdrop to all holders
  • - All functions of The Misfit Derby up and running

Meet Our Team


Director of Operations

This is @hash0utlaw His middle name is hustle. His last name is none of your business. As the Director of Operations, he's the mortar that holds this castle together, and keeps this ship sailing.


Director of Creativity

This is @3ogart They say he was born with a marker in his hand. As the Creative Director of @corrupt_camel_collective and The Misfit derby, he will be solely responsible for whipping up all our tasty artwork


Director of Marketing

Proud to introduce the powerful and terrifying @hazeyglazey . As the director of Marketing, he will be in charge of our online presence and interaction. Don't be afraid... he's on our side and we're lucky for it!


Director of Technology

This is @yeahwrightalex his brain is a national treasure. He crunches numbers for breakfast. As the the lead developer for the Misfit Derby, he will be in doing things the rest of us wouldn't be able comprehend.